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ProDriver2B Academy | Driving School

Welcome to

ProDriver2B Academy | Driving School


To Teach Real Driving and Master Your Driving skills - get you safe and confident on the road any time of the day, any season, all year around.

Let the pro driver within you shine!

The importance of learning to drive cannot be emphasized enough. In the world we live in, getting from one place to another can be very challenging and at the same time very tiring. So why not skip public transport and journey in your vehicle? If you are looking for a certified and experienced Halifax driving instructor who possesses tons of knowledge, then let us introduce you to the ProDriver2B Academy!

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Why Join Us and What Is In For You?

Well, for starters, our instructor has exceptional knowledge and over 30 years of significant driving experience. Once you hit the road with us during your drivers training, be rest assured that you will learn to drive in no time. Our instructor boosts your confidence and works with you every step of the way.

We wish to enhance your drivers ed in the best possible manner, which is why we leave no stone unturned in teaching you everything you need to know about driving. Our driving instructor is well-versed with every law and street and will make sure you have pleasant driver training.

At ProDriver2B, we have gone the extra mile to make your drivers training a memorable experience. In our technologically progressive world, we came up with "Student Centre, " a unique, customized, and user-friendly smartphone application that can be logged into on any device to provide drivers ed. We want you to be motivated during your driver's training, so in a one-stop place, you will be able to view all important information related to YOUR driving course program, online learning, communication with the instructor, and a lot more!

  • You can Easy complete Online enrolment
  • You can self-book/cancel/reschedule your in-car lessons without having to message or call your driving instructor
  • You will get notified about last-minute open slots, so that you can book it in a heartbeat in just a few clicks
  • You can track the progress of the self-paced online theory course from any device, anywhere, and at any time.
  • Everything can be seamlessly communicated through the application for your convenience!

From tracking your in-car lessons skills progress, and past lessons overview to getting a detailed in-car evaluation on the skills progress and recommendations, we aim to make you an exceptional driver.

So, if you are looking for a certified experienced driving instructor in Halifax, click now for ProDriver2B Academy rates and registration or simply contact us at contact@prodriver2b.com. Enrol and Sign all registration forms from any device at any time and do away with the paperwork.

We are proud of the 99% rate of Road Test passing success from the first-time drivers with ProDriver2B Academy. Come, and make us a part of your success journey.

Have any questions? Call us today!


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