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Who are we and what is our aim at ProDriver2B? Here is a little story of who your private driving instructor is and a sneak peek into what your driving education will look like.


My name is Konstantin and today you will be learning a little about me, your driving instructor who will soon make you a pro driver!

I have come a long way in life with more than 30 years of significant driving experience. I have found my passion in driving and am now providing driving education as a personal driving instructor to keen and dedicated students.

ProDriver2B Academy | Private Driving Instructor

Of course, my journey has not been easy, but to be honest, it has been fulfilling. Driving through long stretches of roads, and navigating every beautiful city out there, is something I love doing. A few years ago I developed a passion to teach beginner drivers. As their personal driving instructor, I used a combination of approaches like in-car training, road safety, and car maintenance education.

I thoroughly enjoy working with people who come from different walks of life. When I recognized this, I decided I should pursue becoming a driving instructor. And I believe this has been a life-changing decision for me. To be able to pass on my skills to numerous individuals through driver education, every single day makes me extremely happy and grateful in life. No matter your age or background, if you share the same interest in driving, we will have a wonderful time.

In today's world driving is an important skill and can help you search for jobs, commute in emergencies, and much more. This is why you need to take driving lessons from a private driving instructor so that you get all their undivided time and attention. I aim to teach you everything I know and more! Every day there is something new to learn and as I learn, I teach.

If you wish to be a pro in a world full of exceptional drivers, let me be the one to hold your hand and steer you towards your goal! Every driver deserves to be a Pro!

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